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FMPro™ provides a specialty view of your building asset area(s) provides the as built information for a building manager, or service providers delivering observation and consulting services. Each Asset module is uniquely designed to provide all stakeholders permission-based access to comprehensive information.

FM-Pro™ offers multiple options to create a flexible network of common asset information which can be shared and reported to all stakeholders. Information can be shared on-line via the web with options for professionally formatted text and image reports, budgets and excel exports.

Asset Assesment Data

Data Standards

One of our key tenets is to help building management professionals standardize naming and numbering standards for inspection data. While firms spend thousands of dollars hiring inspection firms for condition reports, many miss opportunities to build in future savings and analytical options by adopting digital data standards for inspection records.

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Facility Construction Records

Asset areas are linked back to the facility, building type, structural frame allowing facility construction description to be shared in asset area management areas. Floors, elevations, are integrated in asset area descriptions linking important relationships without additional data entry.

Document Management

The easy to access document area provides a robust area for opening and viewing asset area attached documents in all with tools for opening the following file types: .dxf, .dwf, .ccp, .cgm, .vec, .dwg, .xcm, .dgn, .tif, .doc, .xls, .rle, .wmf, .prt, .cg4, .gbr, .plt, .dgn, .pdf, .cit, .mi , .pcx, .rlc, .vc5, .tg4, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif.


FMPro™ asset detail provides ideal foundation for providing data relationships and predictive tools that are not available in general facility management and CMMS service programs. FMPro platform analysis tools and dashboards provide insight into their buildings performance opportunities for targeting investment to extend the life of critical asset areas.

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If you’re currently using loosely organized visual reports, a spreadsheet or other labor-intensive methods, you will be delighted with the reporting options available for producing Template reports with customizing cover pages, cover letters, table of contents and options for images and attachments. Master budget spreadsheets can quickly deliver a multi facility overview with the detail summaries and budgets for one or more asset areas.

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