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The PavePro™ module in FM-Pro- is a professional Pave management solution. Available as a standalone or use in conjunction with other asset areas, the flexible design allows permission-based access to specific sectors of the data and program tools by the program administrator.

FM-Pro- PavePro™ has a unique design for documenting each unique paving section using a proven design for that enables quick inspections and when required very detailed asset management. Users can use the program for analysis and reporting for internal and external business needs.

PavePro™ has an innovative design for documenting as built pave system construction and hardscape areas, tracking defects, making repair recommendations, preparing budgets and tracking warranties.

FM-Pro™ provides an IT platform to collect annual asset information and is suited for owners that have an ongoing business relationship with service providers that will share updated information on asset condition, recommendations and service work documentation. Information can be updated and shared between building owners, consultants and contractors for maintaining records, managing facility budgets, tracking facility conditions and managing proposed work.

Paving Asset Management Areas
  • Paving Summary
  • System
  • Defects
  • Inspections
  • Surveys
  • Water Management
  • Utilities
  • Architecture Details
  • Recommendations
  • Work History
  • Warranties