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DFC Announces Release of InfoRoof® 2.0

ACTON, Mass. (December 2002) – Digital Facilities Corporation (DFC) announced it has released Version 2.0 of its InfoRoof® Professional software program. The number one asset management program in North America, InfoRoof® now features new CAD capabilities, including a new CAD Viewer component; improved photo handling; and updated software functions. These features are in addition to the organized database system, roof maintenance program, and high-quality report generators available with Version 1.0.

“For more than five years roofing contractors, consultants and building owners have been using InfoRoof® features such as customized inspection formats, work history and financial reports, and warranty information to manage and protect their roof investments,” said Steven James, president of DFC. “Now, with its enhanced CAD and photo handling capabilities, InfoRoof® is once again setting the standard for professional facility management.”

Additional Capabilities
InfoRoof® 2.0 introduces a new component: CAD Viewer. With CAD Viewer users can now “redline,” or mark-up a CAD drawing in order to identify and highlight problem areas on a roof; capture and save images as a bitmap for printing; print a CAD drawing directly from the CAD Viewer or in report format; and link drawings together via a hyperlink.

In addition to the new CAD capabilities, InfoRoof® 2.0 also has enhanced photo-handling capabilities, such as the ability to add work history photos, and different sorting and filing options for photo albums.

Pricing and Availability
InfoRoof® 2.0 is priced at $ 4,950.00 and is available now from Digital Facilities Corporation, 978-399-0334 or contact us Discounted upgrade packages are available to existing InfoRoof® users.

About Digital Facilities Corporation
Digital Facilities Corporation offers integrated software solutions, consulting, and online services to building owners and facility managers; service providers (contractors, consultants and distributors); and product manufacturers. The company has its corporate headquarters in the Boston area and a Technology Center in Toronto. For more information about Digital Facilities Corporation or the InfoRoof® programs, contact 978-399-0334 or contact us

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