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DFC Announces Release of IRP 3.0

ACTON, Mass. (February 11 2003) – Digital Facilities Corporation (DFC) announced today it has released Version 3.0 of InfoRoof® (IRP), the country’s industry-leading asset management program. IRP 3.0’s enhancements include a new, faster database engine; an InfoRoof® Wizard that automates the process of setting up new clients, facilities and roof sections; and the ability to attach external files. IRP 3.0 also offers the roof maintenance program, high-quality report generators, and CAD Viewer component available with Version 2.0. IRP 3.0 is available in both Enterprise and Standalone versions.

“IRP 3.0 incorporates many of the features and capabilities suggested by our valued customers, including improved and faster performance from the new database engine,” said Steven James, president of DFC. “This will make it even easier for roofing contractors, consultants and building owners to access and use information such as customized inspection reports, work histories, and warranty data as they manage and protect their roofing assets.”

Faster and Easier to Use
One of the most significant changes found in IRP 3.0 is the new Advantage database engine. Benefits of this new technology include greatly improved and speedier database performance on the same hardware, approximately 1,000 times more storage capability, and more efficient use of system resources.

IRP 3.0 also features an InfoRoof® Wizard that will guide users through a series of user-friendly screens when setting up new clients, facilities, and roof sections, speeding up the process of creating new information. In addition, IRP 3.0 now allows users to attach external files, enabling them to store all pertinent information relating to a client, facility or roof section in one location within InfoRoof®. Other enhancements include new CAD Viewer capabilities, new “copy” and “move” functions, and improved photo handling.

Pricing and Availability
Both IRP 3.0 Enterprise and Standalone versions are available immediately. Contact Digital Facilities Corporation, 905-844-3300 or contact us for pricing information. Discounted upgrade packages are available to existing InfoRoof® users.

About Digital Facilities Corporation
Digital Facilities Corporation offers integrated software solutions, consulting, and online services to building owners and facility managers; service providers (contractors, consultants and distributors); and product manufacturers. The company has its corporate headquarters in the Boston area and a Technology Center in Toronto. For more information about Digital Facilities Corporation or the InfoRoof® programs, contact us.

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