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NRCA to Obtain Marketing Rights for DFC’s ProWriter

ACTON, Mass. (April 2006) – Digital Facilities Corporation (DFC), the industry’s leading provider of roofing asset management software, announced it is conducting a two-year study of K-12 schools throughout North America to determine which roof management processes potentially yield the biggest return on investment of time and resources.  The study will focus specifically on methods to improve the processes schools can use to improve the collection and management of roof condition information to allocate repair dollars , replacement capital to extend roofing life cycles. 

Benefits to Participants
Selected participants of the study will receive a no charge user license for DFC’s RoofPro 4.1 asset management software (valued at $4,950.00) as well as four hours of individual online training on using the software.  RoofPro 4.1 features an organized database system, roof maintenance program, high quality report generators, and an optional roof condition rating system.  Participants may also be considered for beta releases of roof inspection software to test in their district.

In addition to the RoofPro software and training, participants will also receive up to eight hours of consulting to improve the organization of their roofing organization, and access to a restricted pilot project web site, where they can share information on roof management. 

“We are targeting schools because we know how important it is for them to keep costs down on repairing and replacing their roofs,” said Steven James, president of Digital Facilities Corporation. “We hope that this study will identify the software tools and processes that can help them collect, store and access information on the roofs that will enable them to make cost-effective decisions regarding their roofing assets.”

Participation Requirements
If selected participants will be asked to establish and maintain a minimum database of 10 buildings or 30 roof sections.  They will also need to have working computer hardware that meets the minimum requirements for RoofPro, and pay a $750 annual maintenance fee during each year of the two-year course of the study.  This fee includes software updates and unlimited technical support.  In addition, participants will be asked to participate in online meeting forums to share findings and contribute non-detailed statistics to help establish key roof management findings that will be used in a published post study summary.

School facility managers or other authorized personnel interested in participating in the study should contact DFC at 905-844-3300 and ask for Mike Sievers.

About DFC
Digital Facilities Corporation offers integrated software solutions, consulting, and online services to building owners and facility managers; service providers (contractors, consultants and distributors); and product manufacturers.   RoofPro 4.1 is the fifth major product release since the company was formed in 2002.   In 2004 the company completed the development of a roofing proposal writing program for The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA). The company has its corporate headquarters in the Boston area and a technology center in Toronto.  For more information about Digital Facilities Corporation or the RoofPro programs, contact us.