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DFC Releases RoofPro 4.1 Roof Asset Management System

ACTON, Mass. (August 2005) - Digital Facilities Corporation (DFC), the industry's leading provider of roofing asset management software, has released version 4.1 of its RoofPro asset management program. New features of RoofPro 4.1 include a completely redesigned database; a new Explorer and Outlook based Graphics User Interface (GUI); an expanded roof section summary page; and a roof condition index. Both software and online service versions of RoofPro 4.1 will continue to offer enhanced wizards, a report writer based on Crystal Reports, improved SmartList and SmartText editors, and a PDF report generator. RoofPro 4.1 also has improved program tools designed to accept electronic inspections from RoofPro Inspector, a new program also being released this quarter.

"The release of RoofPro 4.1 coupled with the upcoming release of RoofPro Inspector gives DFC the largest breadth of asset management products offered for this sector of the building industry," said Steven James, president of DFC. "RoofPro 4.1 offers significant enhancements -- many of which were suggested by our users -- that underscores our commitment to provide building owners, facility managers, consultants and roofing contractors with the best roofing asset management tool available."

Improved GUI
Version 4.1's new GUI gives RoofPro a drill down capability and new look that "hides" information not being accessed so that the user can focus instead on the selected information. A pop-out shortcut bar provides a quick and easy way to access specific information, and can be pinned to the screen for easy access. A paper clip beside a client, facility or roof section alerts users to attached files, while a red flag indicator alerts users to outstanding tasks. New and Expanded Features and Functions
Other enhancements found in RoofPro 4.1 include a redesigned database which includes a new report library design for easier management of reports. The new database also provides improved data integrity with less potential for data corruption. In addition, RoofPro 4.1 offers numerous new fields to the roof section summary page, a roof condition index based on the findings of the US Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory, and a back up and restore option.

About DFC
Digital Facilities Corporation offers integrated software solutions, consulting, and online services to building owners and facility managers; service providers (contractors, consultants and distributors); and product manufacturers. RoofPro 4.1 is the fifth major product release since the company was formed in 2002. In 2004 the company completed the development of a roofing proposal writing program for The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA). The company has its corporate headquarters in the Boston area and a technology center in Toronto.

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