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DFC Releases RoofPro 4.3 Roof Asset Management System

ACTON, Mass. (April 2009) - Digital Facilities Corporation (DFC), the industry's leading provider of roofing asset management software, has released version 4.3 of its RoofPro roof asset management program.  This version of RoofPro contains functional improvements to the software including global control and management of SmartLists™ and SmartText™, enhanced export options for sharing data between users, links to MapQuest® for directions to client and facility sites, improved InfoManager tools for data analysis, inflation factor options for future costs and additional report selections for facility and roof condition reports. The online version of RoofPro 4.3 has enhanced User management tools providing greater control of user profiles and user   access to client data.  RoofPro 4.3 continues to offer enhanced wizards, a report writer based on Crystal Reports®, improved SmartList and SmartText editors, and a PDF report generator. The Enterprise and Online versions of RoofPro 4.3 are automatically updated with service activities when linked to Service Manager Pro™, a new ASP.Net service management module being released by Digital Facilities Corporation.

RoofPro Inspector

DFC’s RoofPro Inspector program designed for tablet PCs or laptops allows electronic inspections to be performed while on the roof.  Once the inspection is complete the data can be uploaded electronically to a RoofPro database eliminating the need to manually transcribe hand written inspection notes. RoofPro Inspector has also been upgraded with the global controls for SmartList and SmartText™ management, enhanced export options for sharing data between users, links to MapQuest® for directions to client and facility sites and inflation factor options for future costs.

"The release of RoofPro 4.3 coupled with the release of RoofPro Inspector 2.0 gives DFC the largest breadth of asset management products offered for this sector of the building industry," said Steven James, president of DFC.

"RoofPro 4.3 continues to build on the significant enhancements of the 4.2 release -- many of which were suggested by our professional users – that underscores our commitment to continue providing building owners, facility managers, consultants and roofing contractors with the best roofing asset management tool available."

About RoofPro Software
RoofPro 4.3 is the seventh major product release since the company was formed in 2002. RoofPro professional series software has been selected as the technology platform for leading Educational, Military, Transportation, Retail, Industrial, Utility, Municipality,  Roofing Consultant and Service providers  managing over 1 billion s/f of roofing systems throughout North America.

About DFC
Digital Facilities Corporation has been a leader in developing roof management solutions, proposal writing and service management solutions. DFC products include integrated software solutions, consulting, and online services to building owners and facility managers; service providers (contractors, consultants and distributors); and product manufacturers.

DFC corporate headquarters are the Boston, Ma. area and a technology center in Toronto, ON. For more information about Digital Facilities Corporation or the RoofPro programs, contact us.