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Facility Asset Condition Assessment (FACI™)

Digital Facilities addition to the FMPro™ cloud platform is WallPro™ specifically designed for building envelop inspections, documenting as built conditions on commercial wall systems. The program module provides a modern digital platform for documenting wall systems, fenestration and detailing on commercial buildings.

Wall systems are complex systems that require accurate as built data for most failure investigations, code compliance observations and scheduled repairs. Often missed, is the significant cost to access wall areas to acquire accurate as built documentation.

WallPro™ provides digital format to preserve these costly site observations and then provides an accessible program with easy access to any stakeholder. Our program helps leverage your collected data on commercial wall systems with numerous components, attachment, flashing and surfacing options.

If your building owner that currently receives a word document for flat file for assessment of wall systems and fenestration details WallPro™ is a solution option.

We offer Google Map access to data with multiple reporting options for printing presentation quality facility condition reports, master budgets that help you plan maintenance and capital repairs. The modern program design is well positioned for a new generation of AI tools.

Building owner users include Corporate facilities, REITs, K-12 school districts, State and Private Universities, City, Municipal, State and Federal Institutions.

If you are a professional REWC®, REMO®, RBEC®, CBECxP®, or commercial building enclosure service provider our software can improve workflow, expand your services capabilities, and deliver professional reporting, analytical data, deliver specialized client services.