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Building Condition Assessment Technology

FMPro™ is a digital platform for professional evaluation of specialized assets areas on commercial buildings. FMPro™ provides the detailed asset and system data not supported on general facility management programs. Combine multiple site evaluations with one or more of the following asset areas: Commercial roofing, Wall-Façade, Paving-Hardscape, Vertical Transportation equipment.

FMPro™ asset area modules:

  1. Commercial Roofing - RoofPro™
  2. Wall-Façade - WallPro™
  3. Paving-Hardscape - PavePro™
  4. Vertical Transportation - VTPro™

Example projects:

  • Building Inventory Asset Area Assessment
  • Facility Condition Index (FCI)
  • Rating & Ranking Buildings
  • Natural Disaster Damage
  • Master Budget Planning
  • Energy Studies
  • Solar Feasibility
  • Code compliance

When you compare alternatives, FMPro™ is a cost-effective platform for major evaluation projects that where consultants or service providers are providing updates to observation data.

Users have easy access to FMPro™ to quickly access as assessment information, produce a condition report or build a master budget. Ideal for commercial buildings, REITs, school districts, universities, and public institutions.

If a building owner or organization is relying on a general facility management program, CMMS, spreadsheets, or service provider in proprietary hard copy reports FMPro™ is a solution for maintaining asset areas in a uniform digital format, which allows easy updates and future analysis.

If you’re a professional property manager, building manager, asset specific contractor or consultant FMPro™ can improve workflow, expand services capabilities, and deliver on demand reporting, analytical data, with time saving functions for client services.