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FMPro™ Asset Management Technology

Digital Facilities cloud-based technology solutions are designed for specialized building enclosure asset management. Available with one or multiple asset modules.

Each asset module provides a unique design for detailed as built data, document management, with labor saving data entry tools while maintaining centralized reporting and analysis.

For building management of facilities, REITs, school districts, universities, and institutions. Service providers offering FMPro™ can provide clients with superior data and reporting options.

Available Asset Modules 2023

RoofPro™, A solution for the organization of commercial roofing systems and components. RoofPro™ is a platform with advanced data management for consultants and professional roofing service providers.

WallPro™ is a solution for managing commercial walls systems. This platform provides a digital format with easy field access to any stakeholder. WallPro™ is designed for documenting complex vertical building systems for accurate as built data for investigations, code compliance inspections and scheduled repairs.

PavePro™ is a solution for managing paving and hardscape systems. Paving and hardscape systems are building assets with declining performance where accurate as built data is required for scheduled repairs and code compliance inspections. PavePro™ solutions scale from producing quick field reports to a comprehensive platform for managing hundreds of paving and hardscape asset areas

VTPro™ is a solution managing elevators & people moving systems. This specialize equipment management solution is designed for accurate as built data for investigations, scheduled repairs and inspections for code compliance. VTPro™ can quickly organize a single field report or organize large inventories of VT equipment.