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Paving /Hardscape Inspection Programs

When specifying a Paving Asset Management Software for annual services.

PavingPro™ is a commercially available solution that is available to perform Paving assessment & code inspection services.

The application subscription provides user access, administration rights and technical support during the subscription period. The access can be restricted by the administrator to facility and Paving asset(s). The application software can incorporate detailed as built construction records with a document management area at both the facility and Paving section pages.

The disciplined data standards provided options for advanced defect and Paving analytics and comparative performance tracking.

The standard reports available in the software can adjust content for producing customized reports, and options for incorporating data, photos and attached PDF documents in the report.

Facility Details

The Paving management software can document the Facility Name, Address, Facility contact name(s), phone number & email for each Facility. Location, building use, description.

Paving Systems

For the Individual Paving asset areas, the program will provide data areas for maintaining individual Paving asset information areas:

Paving Management
  • Paving Summary
  • System
  • Defects
  • Inspections
  • Surveys
  • Water Management
  • Utilities
  • Architecture Details
  • Recommendations
  • Work History
  • Warranties


The Paving information summary area will include the installation year, size in (square feet) a CSI description of the Paving type with the corresponding description and master format number from the Paving type group. Provide an estimated cost of replacement. A planned maximum service life in years with an assessed service life remaining in years, with an observer assigned condition rating from 100-0.

In the Paving system construction, list the Paving system components and method of attachment from the structural deck to the top surfacing. Including of the thickness of each component and the dimensions of each Paving component and the total thickness and load bearing capacity , if applicable for the Paving system.

In Paving system details provide a description of the primary details, terminations and penetrations per Paving area.

The program provides a data area for architectural details, water management, utilities and sealant details. The data entry supports identification materials by CSI description type, with options for physical descriptions, specification detail and manufacturer. A Paving condition rating from 100-0 and an estimated replacement date.

The Paving defect area should support entering observed defects for each Paving area. The defect descriptions should apply to each unique Paving system as to provide the ability to track defects rates by each Paving type.

The inspections/Paving observations can be documented with the dates the inspections occurred and the name of the observer. The program provides the option to track entered defects to the observer and date of observation.

The survey area allows documenting the activities that would be specific tests or activities. The survey area supports listing drone surveys, thermography, moisture probs, and core cuts. The survey record allows attaching images and files to the record.

The Paving Management system provides a template report generated with text and photographic observations. The facility personnel can edit the data options for producing customized reports.

Paving recommendations have an editable description for capital and expense repairs with a budget year. Recommendations can be tracked from recommended through completion. At completion the software will automatically transfer the record to work history.

The software provides an option to link defects as closed with the completion and transfer closed defects to work history. Work history will have a documented program area to list all work completed on the Paving section. Closed defects can be observed and any as built documents, punch lists and drawings can be attached.

Warranties will be managed in the software for each Paving section. The warranty will be described by Paving section, issue date, Paving type, or component type material(s). Issue date, expiry date, warranty number, issued by and contact information. The program will provide the option to attach the warranty documents including any compliance requirement.