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Paving & Hardscape Management Technology

Digital Facilities has a new FM-Pro™ software module designed for commercial paving & hardscape system management. Our FMPro™ cloud platform, now provides a digital platform for managing the paved & hardscape areas around commercial buildings. If you have a general facility management program you already know detailed Paving data is not supported in general facility management programs and building owners often rely on flat file reports from service providers for assessments, estimates and budgets.

Paving and hardscape systems are long term assets with declining performance where accurate data is required for tracking deteriorating conditions, maintenance planning and capital project schedules. Why repeat services to visit a site for as built information, save time by maintaining prior documentation.

PavePro™, makes documentation easy where users benefit from an advanced organization of paving systems and site components. Then PavePro™ solutions scale from quick field reports to a comprehensive platform for managing hundreds of paving areas, ideal for corporate facilities, REITs, school districts, universities, and institutions with easy access to as built system detail, drainage systems, architectural features, and utilities.

If your building owner that currently uses a spreadsheet or loosely organized visual reports for assessment of paving systems PavePro™ is a solution option. Facilities, and Paving systems can be maintained in a digital format with easy field access to any stakeholder.

If you’re a professional commercial Paving contractor or Paving consultant PavePro™ can improve workflow, expand services capabilities, and deliver on demand reporting, analytical data, with time saving functions for efficient client services. PavePro™ offers easy client access and supports annual paving service programs.