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Roof Asset Management

Digital Facilities is the design leader with 20 years of development experience building comprehensive commercial roof management programs. Our design approach is to provide a comprehensive tool that is easy to use.

Digital released our newest cloud SaaS program FM-Pro™ in 2016 and for 2023 using the RoofPro™ module provides significant opportunities to leverage the cost of collecting observation data into longer term insight of roofing system performance.

The RoofPro™ module can scale users from starting a basic RAM program to advanced Roof Asset Management analysis. Prior to selecting a Roof Asset Management platform consider the future use of your program data when comparing systems. Once your data is entered can you identify defect trends, targeting annual observations to optimize both labor and the allocation of repair and replacement capital.

We offer multiple reporting options for printing presentation quality facility condition reports, master budgets that help you plan replacements and capital repairs. Digital Facilities designs are built on a foundation of roofing data standards and well positioned for a new generation of AI tools.

Building Owners have been using RoofPro™ for over 20 years and rely on Digital Facilities for technology for maintaining their inventories of roofing systems. Our users include Corporate facilities, REITs, K-12 school districts, State and Private Universities, City, Municipal, State and Federal Institutions. Many of our customers have maintained systems for 10,15, 20 years.

If you are a professional RRC®, RRO® or commercial roofing service provider our software is used by leading engineering and consulting professionals that manage thousands of buildings throughout North America. Firms that use RoofPro™ can improve workflow with time saving data entry tools, expand service capabilities, and deliver professional reporting, analytical data, to efficiently deliver specialized client services.