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Vertical Transportation Equipment Management

Digital Facilities has a new software platform for Vertical Transportation (VT) equipment management. Our FMPro™ cloud platform, now provides a digital platform for managing the vertical transportation equipment in commercial buildings. VT equipment data is specialized documentation is not supported in general facility management programs requiring building owners to rely on loose records for reports, estimates and assessments.

Why use the VTPro™ solution? Elevators & people moving systems require accurate as built data for investigations, scheduled repairs and inspections for code compliance. Often the accurate as built documentation remains with one or more service providers. When you compare alternative vertical management approaches, VTPro™ help organize a single field report or organize large inventories of VT equipment and as built records. Ideal for corporate facilities, REITs, school districts, universities, and institutions.

If your building owner that currently uses a spreadsheet or loosely organized visual reports for tracking of VT systems VTPro™ is a solution option. Facilities, and Elevators and people moving systems can be maintained in a digital format with easy field access to any stakeholder.

If you’re a professional Elevator & VT equipment contractor or consultant VTPro™ can improve workflow, expand services capabilities and deliver on demand reporting, analytical data, with time saving functions for client services. The program design and the VT Data being collected has never been more important.