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Energy Studies

When providing the baseline for current Wall systems, documenting the construction of the Wall systems will include a listing of components, R-values, thickness and attachments.

RoofPro™ is a commercially available solution that provides the additional system information to perform baseline Wall calculations for energy studies.

Wall System Energy Performance
  • Wall Section Summary
  • Wall System Construction
  • Document Management Areas


The Wall information summary provides a CSI description of the Wall type with the corresponding thermal properties description by master format number from the Wall type group.

In the Wall system construction, list the Wall system components and method of attachment from the structural deck to the top surfacing. Including of the thickness of each component and the R-value of each Wall component and the total R-value and U value for the Wall system.

The survey area allows documenting, core cuts, thermography surveys. The survey area supports listing drone surveys, thermography, moisture probs, and core cuts. The survey record allows attaching images and files to the record. All as built documentation can be referenced for documentation related to as built systems.